One Community–One Song?

The May/June 2015 READING TODAY published by the International Literacy Association has an inspiring account of a community wide reading initiative. In her article One Community, One Book, author, Elisa Mayo asked: “Encouraging students to read at school is one thing but can a school encourage reading inside the home with positive, sustainable results?” She told how the school, the homes, the businesses–the entire community bonded by communicating through email, social media, paper brochures, newspaper, and visual arts forming book clubs and discussions at the work place, parks, playgrounds, at schools and community centers. It was a great example of the power of literature to bring people of all ages together and of helping to boost literacy in their community.

What if we could share a song this way? Or a favorite rhyme?  We recently concluded our music classes that started families on a pathway of music development allowing them to embrace, enjoy, and express the musicality expressed by each of us.  Grandparents in the class told me how they loved the bonding. Our youngest children responded to music with recurring gestures (bouncing the torso and waving arms to the beat!) The nurturing of each child’s potential to make music occurred in our rich music-making environment through the tender dispositions–attitudes and life habits–learned from parents and grandparents in class.  Continuing the singing and movement activities done in class gives families multiple opportunities to confidently participate with joy and ease in music experiences for the rest of their lives!  One Community, One Song– ahhh, the Love of Learning!

Musical Language Exploration

One of my goals with classes through Learning-World is to be able to help parents recognize their child’s language and musical responses from the very start of the child’s life! Singing, moving and communicating with little ones begins early with music behaviors such as cooing! Recognizing the child’s earliest attempts at expression, we imitate their sounds, their movements, their communication–which validates and stimulates babies to create more!

Begin with listening for your little one’s vocal responses during play activities–gurgles, vocables, and pitches. Model communication by echoing their sounds! This reinforces  and validates conversations!


This month we’ll be focusing on Dr. Seuss books with rhymes and nonsense words to say!

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

Building Our Classes

Help us build our musical literacy classes! You can find us at Kirkwood United Church of Christ, 1603 Dougherty Ferry Road, Kirkwood on Friday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  AND our  Saturday class at 11155 Clayton Road, Frontenac, begins at 9 a.m. Both classes are for mixed aged groups (Babies-age 5)

Classes begin in January and last for ten weeks. Each class is 45 minutes long and  includes songs, rhythmic patterns, dance and instrument play for all to participate–regardless of musical ability!

Families receive a beautiful songbook, a CD and their individual code as a part of the Family Music Zone. The Zone supports your downloading of the current music song collection. This semester we will sing from the BELLS repertoire. Families are encouraged to check out additional song-story books each week from our extensive library.

More information about our literacy launch with sing-a-long story time is forthcoming! Its an exciting time for emergent literacy explorations!

Mission Statement Learning World

Our Mission

Learning-World was incorporated in 2012.  Our mission is to provide literacy programs through music, story sharing and movement for the young and the young at heart.  Our international focus utilizes literature and music from around the world. We foster personal growth and enjoyment through participation as we play and dance to international musical themes. 

In addition to our classes, we sell handmade items from third world countries supporting families with young children in their efforts to get an education. Proceeds from our products is reinvested in the promotion of educational activities and products that promote literacy for our young people. We believe that everyone, regardless of ability or talent, is musically literate and capable.

 Building academic and musical literacy skills in families begins with listening and communicating with one another. We believe strongly in  fostering relationships within the family community by creating fun, shared experiences, and that both the individual, the family, and the community benefit. 

Advantages of Playing Together

Certified Music Trainer and Play Along Editor, Susan Hoffman makes a legitimate argument in support of mixed-age classes.

She posted this question, in a recent newsletter, “I can see that mixed age classes might be great for families with two or more children, but I have only one child. Wouldn’t he do better in a class with children all his own age? Her response was in support of how older children learn empathy and an awareness of others and develop leadership qualities while younger children in the group learn by modeling after the older ones. She applauds that children are encouraged to develop musically at their own pace–with minimum comparisons, in a natural, family-style setting.

AT LEARNING WORLD we support and nurture emergent literacy activities–expressed with language and with music.

In our program we endeavor to provide a rich literary environment in order to fully realize musical potential among our participants. We see the unfoldment of musical ability because of the direct experiences through our play as the children express themselves through musical experiences. The opportunity for improvisation, small and large movement, instrument exploration and play combined with a variety of musical genres and tonalities brings forth in children a delightful array of positive musical behaviors.  Just observing infants coo in the tonality of the song we are singing is convincing proof of the advantages of playing together with the language of music.



Bells Bells and More Bells!

11369553354_d77d63e2a2_nGet ready to ring in the new year with the Bells repertoire! To find out more about our program, you can click here.

If you’d like to join us on Friday mornings or Saturday mornings we’ll be warm inside dancing, singing and exploring the wonderful world of rhythm together.

Contact Angela for more information at 314-359-2161 or email angela (at) learning-world (dot) org

We hope to see you there!

Class Expectations?

We hope you join our Music Together Family this Winter. We offer classes on Saturdays beginning January 10, 2015 at 11155 Clayton Road.

Call 314-359-2161 to register or send your name and address info to 1753 Highview Circle Ct. Ballwin, MO. 63021

$180 for 10 week semester plus wonderful CD’s and songbooks!

This class is a great activity for you and your child to participate. A Music Together ® class can benefit children for the the rest of their lives. Children explore the world in completely different ways than adults. They use many different languages–the language of clay, the language of blocks, the language of paper and crayon, and of course, the language of sound.
Classes meet for 45 minutes each week for 10 weeks. During the class period, children and their caregivers play with music and movement exploring a diverse range of sound and rhythm. Caregiver participation provides an atmosphere that allows children to freely explore music and dance. Music Together classes allow parents and young children the chance to explore their relationship in a musical way. In addition, the diversity of music provides a strong musical foundation for future formal instruction.

Class Expectations
It’s easy to forget that children have rights. In Music Together class children have the right not to participate. By allowing each child to experience the class at their own comfort level (whether sitting and quietly watching or jumping into the spotlight), they will grow musically and actively participate when they are ready. You are your child’s first and greatest teacher. Therefore my one requirement is that all grown-ups participate 100%.

Winter Registration Open for Music Classes for Little Ones

Looking for a warm winter activity? Join us in our sunny room full of fun music, dancing and instruments.

Email Angela to register or call 314-359-2161

Learning World Opens Shop on Etsy!

As we work to support learning and growing in all aspects of life, we are so excited to announce our new shop on, where we are selling hand-knit scarves and hats. Want to keep your little ones warm on the way to class? Check it out!

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