unnamedLearning World provides literacy programs through music, movement, art,  and story-sharing for the young and the young at heart. We provide activities appropriate for young folks and their mentors at our DC location– Learning World Little Steps. Our international focus utilizes literature, games, and music from around the world. We foster personal growth and enjoyment through active learning as we participate in purposeful play.

In addition to our classes, we sell handmade items from third world countries supporting families with young children in their efforts to get an education. Proceeds from our products are reinvested in the promotion of educational activities and products that promote literacy for our young people. We believe that everyone has unique talents to share. Our passion is in promoting a greater awareness of diversity through the study of literature, music, customs and play.

 Building academic and musical/movement literacy skills in families begins with listening and communicating with one another. We believe strongly in  fostering relationships within the family community by creating fun, shared experiences, and that both the individual, the family, and the community benefit.