Our success as educational leaders is in the way we continue to model ways we are continuing our learning!

Those with years of experience have much to learn from our digital natives and vice versa…I love thinking about the energy and enthusiasm that the student teachers’ I’ve sponsored represent! I also love thinking about the gifts of being a grandparent.

Judy Ford in her book, Wonderful Ways To Love A Grandchild wrote: “Both generations, relieved of obligation and expectation, are free to fully appreciate and delight in each other as individuals.”

Grandparents and Grandchildren are GIFTS to one another!

  1. Help lighten up AND relax
  2. Stay open to mystery, magic, awe
  3. Help regain the intuition and imagination of our youth
  4. Help widen our view of unconditional love
  5. Help us regain our freedom

Being with a grandchild fills us with hope about the ongoing process of regaining innate sense of endless promise!

An annual “ritual” of cleaning out files at the end of each calendar year, yields itself to a lot of self reflection–especially as I read over my journal entries from the past.  Here are some notes regarding discipline that are worth re-thinking:


discipline–from Latin word for teaching

every child is different every family is different, each situation is different BUT there are universal rules of behavior that apply to everyone, at all times

along with each “NO” always offer a “YES” in the form of an alternative

correction and reward work better than punishment–positive reinforcement–rewarding and praising good behavior works much better–it builds self esteem

anger triggers anger     try to remember at moments of high anxiety (it won’t be easy) that your long-term goal is to teach right behavior

discipline can be a laughing matter. Humor is the leavening of life–and a surprisingly effective tool (taking each other less seriously more often will add sunshine to your days)


NO USELESS LUGGAGE–if you have packed wisely you have eliminated all



evil forebodings

low spiritedness

false responsibility

heaviness of heart