I believe that even our youngest children at Learning World Little Step (2 year olds) are capable of expressing their thought process in order to participate in the planning process each day.  Helping children become conscious of this capacity to establish their goal begins by following their lead based on their own interests.

As children plan, they  may use their imaginations beginning to demonstrate understanding that by following their own actions, a result might occur! By planning, we are promoting children’s self-confidence and inner control. Planning also encourages children to articulate their ideas, choices, and decisions. It also supports a development of more complex interactive play where they take on imaginative, productive and creative give and take with others.

Ideally, children continue practicing the skill of planning at home. Once children have a consistent time and place to plan, and actually begin the planning process, they will prove to be competent decision makers which parallel their parents support and understanding that children learn best by following through on their special interests.


Provide paper and a variety of drawing and writing tools. Suggest to the child he draw or write what he plans to do.

Talk with each child in turn about the plan. Remember to anticipate and appreciate a variety of drawing and writing styles–

scribbles, tracings, shapes, designs, figures, letters, etc. Try to note as many connections between the child’s plans and actions which leads to closure and the opportunity for reflection. Planning is just the beginning!